Day 17: My favorite blogs

I love blogging and I love reading other people’s posts. I do this a couple of times a day, and due to the fact that the blogs I follow are so different it’s a pleasure to jump from one subject to the other. I love to read posts about poetry, art, short fiction or stories, random things, funny things, photography, book and movies reviews, news- and all these things I can always find under Interesting Blogs category. I’m so sorry WordPress doesn’t allow me to show all of them. If you are not there, it’s all WordPress’ fault. I still read you anyway.:)

So I don’t have a favorite blog, because, guys, I like all your blogs. I like to read your thoughts, your ideas and more than once they made my day. So keep it up, because you are doing a really good job.


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There are more than enough things you can find about me if you read my blog :)...

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