Day 19: My favorite movies

Apart from reading, quite often, I watch movies as U.B. is a huge fan of cinematography. That doesn’t mean I like them all. Quite the contrary. For me, a good movie needs to have a very interesting story to tell, otherwise I fall asleep or move on. It needs to keep me entertained the whole time, otherwise I pick my book and can’t be bother to watch it until the end. I admit there are not an awful lot of movies which made it in my good movie category, but the ones that did, I can watch dozens of times without getting bored. And here they are:

schindler's list– I love the symbolism behind the girl in red and the black and white movie itself. It is my top favorite.

gone with the wind– of Scarlett O’Hara, you are a hell of a woman.

taken– all 3 of them are brilliant and Liam Neeson is a great actor (see Schindler’s List).

the day after tomorrow– terrifying, you can’t get bored with this one.

it's a wonderful lie-the only classic movie that captivated me entirely. I absolutely love it.

2012 movie– just because Mayan calendar tricked us, doesn’t mean that this wasn’t a terrifying movie. Still gives me the chills.

san andreas–  last movie I really watched from the beginning until the end. Good cast and great special effects.

I also liked The Hangover (all 4 of them were hilarious). Final destination (I had nightmares after watching every single one of them), EuroTrip (I never laughed so hard before), Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs and Shrek (hilarious lines).There were some others I can’t remember now, as too tired. Any good movie you’ve watched lately?


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