Day 20: What makes me happy

Happiness is the best feeling in the world. Even if it doesn’t last long, those are the most beautiful moments in your life and thanks God, I have plenty of those. Not because my life is just rainbows, unicorns and butterflies, but because I chose to see life through pink lenses (this being the true color of my lenses). There were so many grey things around that pink was my best option.

And now, let’s see what makes me happy? All the little things that would easily go unnoticed, like the little clouds on the blue summer sky, the ones that you always try to guess what they look like, the first rain drops after a long hot summer, the beautiful sunsets that always leave me speechless, my lovers eyes, my father’s voice, happy people, good music, birds singing in the trees and wind whistling through autumn leaves. I am happy when I hear a child’s laughter, when I see old people holding hands, when my friends tell me they are well, when I accomplish something like learning to play a new song on my keyboard or writing something I am proud of. I am happy when I finish a good book, because I realize there are so many things yet to experience and learn or when I write, because it gives me a sense of freedom, of being who I really am, without any fake smiles or small talk. I am happy in silence, away from negative energies and negative people and on all those lazy days when I just enjoy being alive.:)

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