Day 22: My worst habit(s)

Writing about habits again, gives me headache. Due to my unsettling personality I haven’t got many habits, good or bad whatsoever. Even had to do a research online to see which are the worst habits out there. There are quite a few I used to have, but at this moment in my life, I gave up on most of them. My habits last for a month mostly and then I move on. I’ve always tried to control the things I do so they won’t become bad habits, because I’ve learned a valuable lesson from my father.After being an avid smoker for more than 10 years, one night at his birthday party, after a couple of packs of cigarettes, he announced his friends that from the following day, he won’t smoke anymore. And so he did, because as he put it, you are the one who controls your actions. We are stronger than our instincts and our will is more powerful than we think. If you know something it’s bad for you, you can stop it anytime (or at least try to stop it for a while).

I succeeded in getting rid of all the bad habits I had, but some are like boomerangs, when you thought they were lost, they come back and hit you in the back of your head.  Sugar is one of my on and off bad habits- being on a rehab period right now. I know this period cannot last very long because the boomerang always returns.

Writing this and thinking about habits, I came to the conclusion that I do have one I don’t want to give up on: sleeping with plush toys. 🙂 At the time being I have two, to U.B.’s annoyance who always finds them on or under his pillow. This is a habit I have for as long as I can remember and don’t see any signs I’ll give up on it anytime soon. In the last year or so U.B. got used with them and doesn’t complain too much about their presence. Love is the reason why:).

Other habit (which others would consider bad) is being too frank most of the times- someone has be. In a world where everyone pretends to be happy, I am the one to give them a cold shower. And this is part of who I am so I’m not going to change, not in the near future anyway. And don’t consider it a bad thing either.

That’s pretty much it and if I forgot something, well I might write it down on confessions’ day.

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