If I was ever to win the big prize at lottery I would throw an extravagant wedding party on my holiday house near Barcelona. Of course no one would ever know I won the lottery, they would assume I worked very hard to afford that kind of lifestyle. Goes without saying I would take care of every guest’s flight and accommodation expenses. For the honeymoon we’d go to Machu Picchu, Easter Island and Great Wall of China, in no particular order. When we’d decide to come back, I’d found a children’s house where abandoned kids would feel welcomed and loved, where they would be encouraged to follow their dreams, no matter what and where they would be taught how to live happily in a world that doesn’t stop whining. By this point, people would probably realize my income could not afford all these and would start to suspect I won the lottery. One night, around 3 am, I would be woken up by a big crash and a big gun pointed to my head. They’d ask for money, but my accounts would be empty, so for fear of getting caught by the police, the attacker would blow my brains out. And that would be the end of me, by the age 33.

That’s why I don’t play the lottery… 🙂