Two more days left from this writing challenge and I surprised myself. I didn’t think I would finish it. 🙂 Today, I must write about my most embarrassing moments and frankly I don’t know which one to choose. I had quite a few of these moments in my life, so I got quite used to them. They don’t even phase me now. It’s part of who I am.

From falling in front of the whole school, to losing my shoe in the subway or falling down the stairs in subway, breaking the heel from my sandal and having to go to an interview afterwards, or getting stuck in a concrete sculpture while trying to take a photo – well these are just few examples. One time, together with some friends, we went to a park and tried all the swings out there. On one of them, I had to climb and when I sat down I could hear the crack in my trousers. They tore in half at the back and there was no way I could go like that in the public transport. I borrowed a jumper from one of my friends and tied it around the waist. The only problem was that the jumper was quite small so had to do baby steps until home. All the way home we couldn’t stop laughing.There were plenty of other moments some more embarrassing than others, but to choose one of them out of all it’s a difficult task. Might write a book on this subject.:)