Are we still on WordPress or in church because by the sound of this challenge I can’t guess. Since a confession is a formal statement admitting you are guilty of a crime, I do have one for today.

This morning I woke up really sleepy and cranky, not in the mood for work (this happens nearly everyday). As I was walking towards the bathroom I saw a small creature on the wall. When I got closer I realized it was a cockroach. I could have spared his life, but I’m not prepared of hosting a being in my space, especially one that goes through all my cupboards and stuff. Why I didn’t kick him out, you might ask. Because these creatures are so damn fast that you can’t do it. Once, at work, I tried to take one out in a dustpan and it climbed on my hand. Disgusting!!! So I had to think fast and follow my instinct. There was only one way and I did it. I am sorry now, but I didn’t have a choice at the moment. As a precaution, I sprayed the house with insecticide to scare any intruders away. Hope it worked as I didn’t encounter any others so far.

Am I sorry for the crime? Sure I am, even if they are really disgusting and give me the chills. After all he didn’t do me any wrong and I have no right on his existence. Hope I’ll think like that next time I encounter one.