I can’t believe this is the last day of the writing challenge. Must admit it’s been fun, even for someone who doesn’t like writing or talking about her own person. Some of the days were more challenging than others but overall it was an interesting experience. Glad I did it.

Today’s challenge is a funny one. It’s like Psychochromatic Inception is my child and I am creating some hopes and dreams for his future. When in reality, your hopes  should regard your own self. So I have no hopes form my blog, but I truly hope my writing is going to improve, that I am going to be more dedicated to it and that my words will challenge some minds or touch some hearts. If I succeed that, even just a little bit, I’m happy. After all, it’s not about the blog, it’s about me, my hopes and my dreams. You’ve gotta be selfish from time to time 🙂