Today’s revelation

Warning! This post might have a boring content. Stop here if you don’t want to read my upsetting musings. However, if you continue reading, I admire your curiosity. Lately I have noticed a big change in my behavior and thoughts. I used to be a nice girl (most of the time) and very diplomatic. As I’mContinue reading “Today’s revelation”

Day 8 of Writing Poetry

For today’s assignment I found myself in a block. Can’t get the mood to write an elegy as much as I try. After two failed attempts, I managed something about flavors and using a bit of enumeratio. I hope it will make you smile 🙂 An “elegy” to my tomato soup You know that momentContinue reading “Day 8 of Writing Poetry”

Blogger Award, here it comes!

This morning after logging in on WordPress I discovered I have been nominated for an Award. Now that’s something. Have no idea how this happened but thanks Lavanya for nomination. You see I try to write poetry and sometimes the results are surprising on both ways. And I’m happy that some of my words speakContinue reading “Blogger Award, here it comes!”