For today’s assignment we have to write about faces, using found poetry and chiasmus. Well my choice for today is a bit abstract as doesn’t talk about a person’s face, but more of a brand’s  “face” that everyone enjoys from time to time. Didn’t manage with chiasmus, but there’s another time for that

Whisky’s face to face the world

found poemSince you probably can’t understand a thing from this picture, here’s my found poem:

The hipster’s choice of drink for summer

Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Bullet Burbon, Whyte & Mackay 13 y/o, Port Charlotte

but best

Ignore the shot glass approach,

Put it in the middle of your tongue,

Hold it, then let it go down.

Mature scotch drops can be served straight

Younger ones respond to water scent.

Whisky Business

It’s also ace in cocktails

Its flexibility and added ingredients

expand your drink taste and its health benefits.

Note: after being sick for two days in a row from food poisoning, I realized I’d rather be sick from whisky intoxication. My found poem was hiding in an article of Men’s Health (issued September 2015). Hope you enjoyed it!