For today’s assignment I found myself in a block. Can’t get the mood to write an elegy as much as I try. After two failed attempts, I managed something about flavors and using a bit of enumeratio. I hope it will make you smile 🙂

An “elegy” to my tomato soup

You know that moment when you want

To cook something good,

That you taste buds will like?

Easy said and done, at least for me

As I’m not a good cook as you’ll see.

Sweet, savory, salty or sour

What shall choose at this hour?

Will go for something in between

A soup

Is all that I can think.

Tomatoes, basil, garlic and water

Simple and tasty for the matter.

How difficult to cook it can it be?

It’s not, f you do it perfectly.

But I’m not perfect and n the process

Sprinkled too much salt as couldn’t taste it.

So my magnificent soup, that now it’s ready

Cannot be eaten as too salty.

I want to cry, but there’s no point

It’s better if I lit a joint

And smoke it in my soup’s honor

Which ended up as a bin donor.