An ordinary day, surrounded by my little pals. Talking about how good is to be nice, we ended up with this dialogue:
Me : What do your parents say when you don’t listen to them?
S. (3 y.o.) : My mummy says I’m a shitty little bitch, when she’s tired.
I was like no comment at this remark while J. (3) said ” Goodness gracious me!!!!”
Me (after quickly analyze my thoughts) : I can’t believe she says that. Does she say that A.? ( A. Being the older sister)
A. (4 y.o.) just nodded her head embarrassed.

Well, there’s nothing much to add at this. As funny as it seems at first glance, these are not very nice words to use around your children. Can’t imagine using this language with my child, but I’m not a parent so what do I know about these things!?