A misfit’s hatred

I feel disgust,

With all my body and my mind

I hate the society I’m living in

I hate the rules that come within

I hate corruption and all the fame

I hate media cause that’s the one to blame.

I hate the cities and the crowds

I hate the fact that humans are blind

They live a life for fortune and rewards

And they die with no awards.

I hate that they can’t see

I hate the fact that they feel weak

I hate them for not standing still

For not following their will.

They are just puppets and slaves

In a world that will never change

Unless we wake up and reflect

On the things we quite neglect.

Am not afraid to stand alone

Against the ties, against the world

It’s who I am, who I’m meant to be

A misfit in a society that “fits perfectly”.

Note: This is a song that goes perfectly with my poem

And here’s the English translation of the lyrics:


No words

Slowly, there is nothing sacred left in our deeds and thoughts
Two-legged beasts are walking the Earth
The blood becomes water, relatives change
You get hurt by the people you’d die for

When evil enters your home
And executes your family with hatred
Phenomena, reactions, extreme gestures,
Stupid feelings, alcohol, some affairs.

And I do believe in God, and I have committed my sins,
I’m telling you, don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to guess the future,
I’m not looking for redemption, I won’t change, I am no saint,
And I see things that would leave anyone speechless:

How poor people kill their children…without words!
It’s not enough said, you’d be terrified of what they have on their minds,
Ask a childless mother what’s she feeling
See what she answers and you go ahead and find words!

[Chorus:] [Loredana]
I don’t know where we’ll end up, what’s going to happen
to us…
it’s like we’re always in a war between
there are no words to wake us up and
don’t see that there is more evil than good in


Parents give birth to children and abandon them,
Children hate their parents and murder them,
There’s no faith, no honor,
Kindness and respect have no more value.

People who step on heads for money,
You don’t know how to avoid making any more enemies,
It’s paranoia, run – they’re coming to get you,
You’ll end up believing that even your brother is ready to sell you out.

You want to scream, you scream on the inside,
Your silence can make Earth tremble,
Take care of your family and remember:
Human nature often leaves you speechless.

[Chorus: …]

Angels burn in hospitals,
Devils dance in cathedrals,
Life is being leased,
Walls are being built, barriers between the rich and poverty.

Lies are commonplace
Greed is a virtue
Death is mourned in tabloids,
Wolfs don’t gather in packs any more, but in political parties.

Some sell children with a smile on their face
Meanwhile others sell their kidneys to give children a chance,
Because temptation is on every step of the way,
Violence kills every minute.

On the streets it’s a dog’s world,
They kill each other for even for parking space,
I have no other words to describe the agony,
Maybe only one: Romania.

[Chorus: …]




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