Why do I write?

I write because there’s no other escape from the world for me. Because writing is a therapy and pen, paper and keyboard are my three psychologists. They give me power to move on through my darkest hours and wings to fly through my best. Writing is a dear friend of mine and became my favorite activity lately. I write because I always learn a new thing about me through it. I write because I love and hate the world around me, because that’s how I express my feelings towards it. I write because I don’t want the words to build up inside me to a point I become a ticking bomb. Being an introvert it’s very difficult to express myself out loud so that’s why I do it by keyboard or pen and paper. There are days when I get lost through ideas and words that gather in my mind and some of them make their way out.

I had a dream once in which a voice told me I had to write, to never stop because my words could change someone’s life one day. Could be my life for the matters. So that is why I write, because I want my words to be read. I don’t care much if people remember my name, but I want them to remember my words. If I’m really lucky, some might even resonate with them. It’s like that saying Make your weird light shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find you. 🙂

Words written in a line

Don’t impress much

But can change in a dime

How someone feels or lives

Through their power

That one gives.

Writing is power

It always was

It can destroy a nation

Or win the wars

It can make or brake you

But it can also transform you.

That is why I write

And give my ideas a life.


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12 thoughts on “Why do I write?

  1. Agree with everything you wrote about why you write. It seems like sometimes when I try to verbally explain myself I am misunderstood, but when I write about it, suddenly people know exactly what I mean. That somehow makes complete sense.

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