Day 2 in Writing101 came with lists. As I felt really bold today, I decided for a short story. Hope you enjoy it.

The city looks deserted. Winter is around the corner and the crisp, cold wind gives me shivers from hear to toe. The anxiety in my head is getting wild as the night falls over this place. I want to get out of here, to forget everything, but the invisible hand of the past is not letting me go. I know I have to stay a little bit more, to learn my lessons, to learn to forgive him. But how could I after he lied and betrayed my trust? He once told me I was the love of his life. Obviously, it was a wrong statement. Someone else will hear those words from now on.

The wind is getting stronger. Maybe it wants to clean the clutter from this place and from my heart. Maybe that is the reason why I can’t leave. I’m part of the city and the city is part of me. The misery, the cold, the putrid smell are all part of me. Even these papers blown by the wind. They contain people’s dreams and hopes. Dreams that might never come true. Dreams lost in the wind of change. Like this paper I’m looking at right now. It contains so many wishes that I wonder what happened to its owner:

  • I wish I could have traveled the world and see its beautiful wonders before the big disaster
  • I wish I could have learned earlier to love myself and move on
  • I wish I could have forgiven him before it was too late
  • I wish I left the city earlier.
  • I wish I have never done it.
  • I wish I could turn back the past, rewind the last couple of months, but it’s too late now.
  • I wish I didn’t kill him.

This…it’s mine. It’s me. I am the owner of the paper and this life is my nightmare to face alone….