For Day 3 Writing101 prompt I chose the word HOME as an inspiration.

I’ve been away for so long,

But I realized there’s no other place in the world like home.

Where the mountains are vso high,

You always lose their sight in the sky;

Where the rivers wash the lands

Giving us food and moments to contemplate;

Where the sea is all shades of black,

Painting a picture you’ll never forget.

My home is where my heart is

And my heart is where my home is.

This place where nature is so kind

Was, is and always will be in my mind.

No matter for how long I’ll be away

I know here is where I’ll return to at the end of the day,

Same as an addict in rehab avoiding injecting his favorite drug

But sooner or later will return for another round.

My country, my home, I truly miss you

And can’t wait for the day when I’m going to embrace you.

They say at birth you can’t choose your family or country

But if you’re at peace with what’s been given, you are lucky.

I love my country, my nationality,

They made me who I am today, they shaped my personality.

This might sound like and ode, but it’s more

It’s a cry with longing and a prayer for my home I’ll always adore.