Today’s one-word inspiration assignment on Writing101. 

Secrets… Everyone likes them, everyone has them. Not all the secrets are harmful, not all of them can be devastating if they come out, but some are. And those secrets are well kept in secret rooms, books and places.

While some of us keep secrets of our size, of our weight, height, that little Snickers bar, you had while hiding behind the desk, that date that turned out into a complete disaster; others are having far more dangerous secrets. Things that once shared with the world, will change not only their life, but the lives of everyone around them.  Today I am going to address to all of you, secret keepers. Big or small a secret is not worth keeping because it always brings negative energy with it. And negative feelings and emotions will always drag us down.

Everyone has things they are not so proud of, things they want to shove under the carpet and pretend they don’t exist. Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws, but we shouldn’t be ashamed of them. Our personality is the result of those shameful situations, of those sleepless nights, of those drunken moments. All of those changed us. We learned from them, we took what’s good and left the bad behind.

Or maybe we didn’t succeed of leaving all the negatives thoughts and actions behind and now our secrets hang like a dreadful corpse on our back. They are like a luggage that sometimes you forget you carry, but sometimes it’s so heavy that you have to stop and catch your breath. And once you stop you decide to have a peek inside and see what’s in  there. You discover that you are carrying so many useless things, so you start throwing them away, in order to make your journey more relaxed. And all of a sudden, you don’t have to stop so often and soon you realize your luggage is so light, that you can run and jump without feeling any pressure.That is the moment when you realize YOU ARE A NEW PERSON. The secrets are gone. It wasn’t easy to let them go, but you needed that. Making peace with them, with your past, is realizing their importance in making you who you are.

All those things you are not proud of  shouldn’t drag you down. They are there, in your past and there’s no turning back in fixing them. What is left for you it’s just a long straight journey ahead that you decide how to make it. Make peace with them or keep carrying them like a burden?