Oh God I come to you,
Because there’s no one else left to turn to.
I’ve been through things and lived my life
And understand now its value and price.
I had been reckless and did things,
I sorry for that, but thank you for the blessings.
I hope you forgive me Lord ’cause I’be sinned
I’m frustrated with the rage that came from within.

I killed that man at dawn,
Took his last breath in the morning sun.
I’m so ashamed, so guilty now,
If I could turn back the past, I’ll do it somehow.
I was drunk with revenge,  drunk with regrets,
He took away my wife, my life and all its beautiful aspects.
I had nothing left, nothing to live for,
My hope was gone out of the front door.
But then I thought of him and what he did,
Forgiveness was out of the question
Revenge seemed better indeed.
I don’t know how I killed him with my bare hands,
The force that pushed me do it, set up all the commands.
It was like another me, another side of me,
A very dark one, darkest it could be.

Nobody knows this, God, but you,
I haven’t told anyone, but might do it soon.
I only did justice to my loss,
But apparently paying with the same coin is the worst;
Didn’t help me or anyone in this world,
That’s why we always come back to you, dear Lord.
I just wanted you to know,
I can’t live with this burden anymore
I have to come out and face the show.

So thank you God for today’s prayer,
It’s been a tough one, but it helps knowing you’re there
Listening my story and taking care of us
Even when we forget you, even when we are at our worse.
I know I can always count on you,
You’re always there for us, in good times and in bad times too.