Everything is in place, the way I left it, when I left home. Same houses, same homey feeling that you get only when you are truly at home. But there is something that feels strange and I can’t put my finger on it.

“You’re back!” –  says my husband with his warmly voice. He comes and hugs me, together with my two kids.

There are kids’ toys all over the garden and I really need to tidy up. I can’t do it now, not until I find something. I need to find something. Coming close to the apple tree I used to love as a child, I have a vision and a strange feeling. I’ve been attacked by a man, whose face I cannot see. Is it a memory? Is it a vision in the future? Who is that man? Relative, husband, stranger? And why, even though everything is in their usual place, nothing seems familiar or real. Am I going mad? What’s happening?

I have to go back… Find some answers. Pick up the puzzle pieces.

My husband greets me again, showing me how tidy everything is. I’ve been away for maximum two minutes and everything is back in place. How did he do it? Strange…

He radiates a light that relaxes me, but I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad one. And then I realize I don’t know this man in front of me. I can’t remember his face, let alone his name. This man looks like a stranger even though he behaves like we’re in love. And I have no recollection of giving birth to any of these children. Have I had an accident? Am I losing my memory?

I have to find my father. He can help me through this.

“By the way, where’s my dad?” I ask my husband who smiles warmly at me.

“He’s not here. We couldn’t bring him from Earth, I’m afraid. But your mum is here.” – showing me to my grandma’s house.

I don’t want to get in and I start crying loud and hard. Where am I? Who is this man and who are those children? My mum cannot be here with him and I am not curious to see who my pretended mother is. My real mum is dead for 12 years. And where about in the Universe am I, if my dad is still on Earth? I want to run far and fast.

Then, all of a sudden, I wake up. Back to Earth, back to my real life…

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