All of us, around WordPress, like to write. We either love it or we do it because we have to, like breathing. For some of us writing comes with inspiration while for the others comes as a necessity,  as something we have to do, in order to move on and live our lives. Some of us do it better than others, but as long as you send your message into the web, your words are caught there, frozen in time, waiting for some inquisitive minds to read them.

I previously stated the reasons I write  but I didn’t tell you how I do it. Recently I’ve realized I’m a very peculiar individual ( a little late must admit). When I was 1, my parents put in front of me a tray with loads of things and from all, I chose the pen. I knew what I had to do from an early age, even though I lost track of it for many years after the incident.

I don’t consider myself a writer as that would be a blasphemy,  but I love to write and have no routine whatsoever. I do it everywhere, whenever I have a good or a bad idea. I love writing in bed, in the bus stop or at the sea side. Sometimes I write in the airport and at times in bed. There were times I wrote some poems in the bus or in the bathroom. Told you I am a bit strange! Rarely I write at work, as there are too many distractions, so I prefer not to.  I don’t have a set place where I write and that’s okay.  That gives me freedom to move and find inspiration everywhere.

When the creativity strikes me, I prefer to be around my baby (mini) notebook if at home (no pictures available 🙂 ), but pen and paper are still my old best friends, as you can see:

Never too many
Never too many! Have at least one is every bag.

If I was ever to choose the perfect setting for my writing activity it would be an isolated beach house, with a nice porch where I could drink lots of good coffee and write to oblivion from dawn to dusk.  No distraction apart from my husband,  the waves and the wind.

This view is required!
This view is required!

Oh, and I created a contact page, in case you want to criticize my writing or to praise it :), you’re more than welcome to do it there. All the best, dear writers!