Haven’t been on Twitter for quite a while, but thanks to Day 7’s prompt on Writting101, I had a quick peek around. And the first tweet I saw was this:

I find Antoine Geiger’s idea quite good and the photographs are very descriptive. All these gadgets and smartphones are good if we use them wisely and if we know when to stop. If they start controlling our life, we should turn them off from time to time and go for long walks in the nature. If we don’t do it, we’ll end up like the people in Antoine’s photos.

As a reply to this tweet, I wrote a small poem. Here it is:

Accompanied by multicolored screens everyday,

They start controlling our lives in so many ways;

News, emails, texts, snapchats, tweets and more

Fill out our days like nothing else before.

All these unnecessary gadgets,

Transform humans into addicts of their standards.

They keep us busy on a daily basis,

So we forget to live our lives outside their oasis.

But don’t worry, there’s still hope that one day

We’ll turn them for good and give it all away

Going for a simple life, like in the olden days

Surrounded by real laughter, friends and open-minded ways.