What I do when I don’t write

Breathe and live :). Seriously now, writing doesn’t take more than one hour of my free time, because I constantly have other things to do:

  • Going to work, even though at times (more often than expected), I’d like to hide under the blanket with my notebook close-by and type away the whole day.
  • Sleeping, as I absolutely love it and it’s when most of my ideas are born (I dream a lot)
  • Playing silly songs on my keyboard (still trying to learn a decent one, but, apart from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, they all seem quite difficult)
  • Coloring in my Stress Relieving Adult Coloring book- I absolutely love this activity!
  • Painting rocks
  • Doodling
  • Connecting with my family and friends via Internet (we all live on different corners of the world)
  • Going for short/long walks with U.B. (last one was on Tuesday – 8 km long)
  • Watching ridiculous reality shows
  • Reading- as I have a bunch of books I need to finish ASAP
  • Exercising (I have to go back to my New Year resolution, as completely forgot about it. Oops!)
  • People watching
  • Some other random things I can’t remember now

And that is what I do when I don’t write… Can’t figure out what getting bored means, but that’s just me, the peculiar individual :).


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