The world is in flame…
The fire of hatred is to blame.
Kindness is gone, so is goodwill
Revenge is more than ready to kill.

In the middle of disaster,
Thoughts and beliefs are moving faster.
Blaming and pointing towards terrorists,
We don’t realise we’re pointing to the wrong culprits.

We’ve been lied for so long
We forgot where’s the truth in this fog.
Our cloudy minds are easy to control,
So if we’re not careful we’ll take the death stroll.

The time to wake up is right now!
Open your eyes and minds somehow,
Read the truth between the lines,
See who’s to blame for all those lives.

They planned ahead for years to come,
Meanwhile keeping us entertained with a cheap programme;
Washing our brains throughout all means,
So we’ll become like robots with no hopes or dreams.

Wake up world, time is now!
The shift is turning, we need to make the vow,
For ourselves and generations to come
Their plan is soon to come undone.

Salvation is in our hands
So share love and kindness
And let the wars end.