Waterkill- a book for the time being

These days media is booming with another terrorist attack so what is best thing to do, than watch TV? Read a good book that treats the subject. And the best book, I read recently was Waterkill written by Mark J. Donovan. A book you can’t put down and makes you forget about everything around you.

Being the second novel from Dave Henson Series, Waterkill is a thriller that will keep you on the edge from the begging until the end. Debating Nanotechnology and the cult religious terrorism, this book is a must read and a mind opener for everyone. Beginning in a small village in Yemen where a whole village is devastated by a sudden outburst of a strange disease, continuing with a small plane which crashes in Alaska carrying a deadly secret and moving to Germany where thousands of people lose their lives overnight, the action of the book will carry you on three continents never giving you time to relax. American business man and high tech genius, Dave Henson, is contacted by US government to help solve the puzzle that links together all these events, but soon he finds himself in difficult situation when his wife, journalist Dana Cogswell, suddenly goes missing.

As you could see from the brief description, this book is worth reading. It debates some issues still left unsolved between Western civilization and Middle East one. Terrorism, Islamic extremists, jihad, Muslim immigrants, Al-Qaeda, are words we hear every day in the news, but Waterkill will show another face of them, the untold story, the story no one wants to see nor understand. The story behind the story.

The plot reminds me a bit of Dan Brown’s book, Inferno, but taken to a whole other level. That’s why I was so drawn to it. Dave Henson, apart from being a genius, is a very skilled man (he flies airplanes and fights like Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible with the bad guys). Dana, his wife, is a very clever woman, who, as a journalist, wants to know the reasons behind everything. Aref Zarin and Spencer Williams are the negative characters, who are pretty much alike as they both fight for the same cause using revenge as main weapon. Barak and Hamza, even though a secondary characters, are worth remembering. All the characters in the book are pretty complex and their stories show the main problem of the conflict.

What I loved the most about this book is the whole message. There is a connection between Hamza, Dave, Aref and Spencer/Ahmad, that shows how important is the past and the way we deal with it. They all lost something in this an unfair war of power and greediness, but they chose to respond differently. While some chose revenge, others chose kindness and goodwill. A lesson we all have to learn from this: revenge is never the key to anything.

After reading this book we have to look behind the words and into the world. Thank you, Mark J.  Donovan, for the pleasure of reading your amazing work. Since I got emerged into this book from the first paragraphs, it gets 5 stars out of 5.

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