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Everyone who reads my blog, knows I do book reviews from time to time and I used to write about music. But for today, I decided to critique an art object. A simple vase made through an ancient process of pottery. Before this was a vase it was just a ball of wet clay, that became like that due to very skillful hands. Using a pottery wheel the clay got a shape in less than a minute.  How do I know that? Because I was there, on the chair holding the clay.

This wouldn’t look like this today, if I didn’t get help, lots of it. The process is so difficult you really need to know what you are doing. I didn’t know and nearly destroyed the whole thing more than once. So after we got the shape, this clay has to go in the kiln, a kind of oven with high temperature  to remove all water from the clay.
The only problem I have with it, came from the glazing process. Glazing is used to decorate and protect the object from water or other liquids. But here, as you can see this process went totally wrong. All those lines and marks shouldn’t be there. So the final product doesn’t look as desired. I might give it a paint to cover all those traces.
As for stars it gets only 2 out of 5.


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