Things I’m thankful for

Right… Officially  I’ve been around, on planet Earth, for 30 years and 17 hours. That’s quite a lot of time, if I think about it. So because I feel quite privileged for getting here I ‘m gonna write some things I am thankful for today:
•My parents – as I wouldn’t write this post today if it wasn’t for them
•Having such a wonderful dad, who loves me and protects me no matter what.
•Meeting the best man for me-  believe me, that was a miracle.
•Being a whiz-kid.:)
•Still owning 31 teeth (sometimes it’s getting obvious I lost a wisdom tooth).
•Having a big roof above my head, as many people around the world have none.
•For having lovely friends and funny relatives.
•Having plenty of food to eat .
•Getting some degree of education for free, as many people still fight for that.
•Being me, as it took a while to get here.
•I’m thankful for finding reasons to smile and laugh every day.
•For finding out what I truly like doing.
•For loving rain, thunder and storms. They fascinate me. And sun is always brighter after them.
•For learning to enjoy the silence.
•I am thankful for the lack of love life in my early 20’s. That gave me freedom and time to learn about life and myself.
•Thanks God I lived my life, made lots of friends, had a really crazy-fun time, but always being rational. I wouldn’t be like I’m today otherwise.
•For meeting so many people and learn something from most of them.
•I’m thankful for traveling around and getting the best of my trips.
•For breathing and moving.
•I’m thankful for learning that life is hard, but you can make your own Universe beautiful.
•Understanding we have to accept the others for what they are, not for what we want them to be.
•Learning to listen more and talk less ( still have problems with this one as sometimes I get carried away).
•For not being intimidated by anyone, no matter their status. As long as we are all living beings we are all equals.
•I am thankful to my Physics teacher who in the last year on high school wrote these words in my Year Book “Be a light to yourself”.
•I am thankful for getting here, for everything I’ve been through, for all my flaws and my qualities, for everything I am as a person. Everything helped to get here and I hope I am going to continue to grow as a person, to learn more and be better everyday.
Thank you God, thank you Universe. I am here and I love it!
Don’t forget to always be thankful for what you’ve got; life is short so we have to look for reasons to be happy. Everyday is a new chance to make things better, to change your world. Be thankful for that!
I wanted to write a 500 words post, but the lack of my wisdom tooth is clearly visible now. Cheers y’all!

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