One day of November

The rays of sun tickle my skin and I enjoy them more than I did the whole year. It’s late November and a late afternoon,  but the sun doesn’t care. He still shines bright until it sets.
Today is the day I decided to contemplate the surroundings, to listen and observe. There’s nothing more relaxing than that.

At 7 a.m. was awaken by my alarm clock and by the bright light of a clear day. It was knocking at my window,  together with an early bird. They all wanted to be heard and seen. As much as I appreciate all this, wasn’t ready to leave the comfort of my warm bed and step on cold tiles. Not now. Just give me two more hours and I’ll be ready.
My dog was first to wake us up the second time and we knew he was right. Time to rise and shine, a beautiful day is waiting ahead.
A quick breakfast some smiles and we were ready for a long walk.
I love the colors of autumn, they are nostalgic and beautiful, they tell a whole year story and want us to know it. Few birds that are left, still look for food. Same are two little squirrels who reside in my walnut tree. Around 20 small butterflies are all dancing together, like in a sacred ritual. It’s like they want to send a coded message. Dogs are barking from afar letting owners know, that intruders are near. The smell of burned logs is filling the air and gives you a homey feeling. County side is priceless in so many ways.
I got so caught up in observing the planes that cross the skies leaving white lines I used to love as a child, I didn’t notice when time flies.  The sun is ready to set now and moon is waiting to shine.
Starry night, I’m ready to greet you and pleased to meet you. The light begins to fade and the cold gets stronger.
I love November days and nights
As seen from these grounds.
Home sweet home,
There’s no place like your dome.


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