Facebook’s words of wisdom

Today’s task at Writing101 was to go on our Social Media accounts ( I chose Facebook), check out older posts and see if we can still relate with them. Lovely task, must admit.
I post dozens of things on Facebook, daily. Most of them are shared posts, pictures or websites that resonate with me at that moment in time.

Let’s see what was I posting a few months ago… It might take a while to scroll down,  but I don’t lack patience when I’m doing enjoyable things. For example on 12th of March, might have had a funny day, as here’ what I posted:

Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY and they meet at the bar. – Drew Carey

Do I still agree with that? Of course I do, but sometimes this support group meets at the convenience store or liquor store, depending how tough was their day. I know it because I’m part of it.
And this is what I posted on 31st of December 2014, on New Year’s Eve. People were getting ready to countdown and I was writing posts on Facebook.☺ I’m so much fun.
Was very hopeful in the eve of 2015. Things didn’t change a lot since then, just got a few more wrinkles over the summer and still hope for a miracle cream to fix them. See, hope is still present in my life.
That’s pretty much it as I got sleepy from all these images and posts. Good night all or good morning!

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