Mining through drafts

This is an updated draft I wanted to publish last week. It wasn’t what I expected to be, but I’m never impressed with my work. I wanted to write about the importance of books in a forever changing world, but I couldn’t come up with anything worth publishing. Finally, some words and rhymes linked together and this is the result:

Millions of years have gone
Millions are yet to come
We are just another species
In the whirlpool of time.
We’ll last for a while,
Making our presence noticed,
But we’ll soon pay for our crimes
As they won’t go unnoticed.
Some will try to change the world
They might succeed years in a row
But human mind is tricky
And its game is so picky.
That’s why we have to learn more
About good and evil and their cold war
A conflict that only dark and light
Can solve it without any fight.

So many lessons, such few students
Books are our teachers waiting to tutor
But they are unable to do so
If we don’t let them present their inner glow.
Open them and absorb their secrets
The misteries are ready to impress
A hungry mind who wants to know more
And be forever changed by information flow.


Published by Mesca

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