The story of 2010 is all about fun
Fiesta was the most used word for everyone,
A summer like no other,
Chacing dreams filled with laughter.
I wanted to marry the night
And leave everything behind
Losing my mind in the matter
I couldn’t think of anything better.
The streets were all ours
In the morning hours
Young and crazy gals
Yet never forgetting our morals.
These maps bring back nice memories
Barrio del Carmen where the story begins
Playa de Malvarossa, Turia Gardens, Ciudad des las Artes y las Ciencias
Are places I fell in love with, in Valencia.
We had a hard time saying goodbye
To all these locations under the Spanish sky.
Made strong friendships
To last for as long as our hearts beat.
I do miss those days sometimes,
But wouldn’t go back in time.
I love my life how it is now
And wouldn’t change it anyhow.
Nevertheless whenever I see these maps
I smile
Remembering a time
When I thought I could fly.