You may never believe this, but when I woke up yesterday it was snowing. I haven’t seen snow in a year and felt magical. I love snow, because I was born in a snowy day and because it reminds me of a happy childhood.  I looked through the window and smiled. Then I remembered I had a dentist appointment so it spoiled the magic moment. Never mind.

You may never believe this, but yesterday I planned to meet with my best friend from high school.  We haven’t seen each other in 6-7 years, so it was about time. She got married and had two children. I, on the other hand, traveled, had fun and met the right man for me. We both had lots of things to talk about. She came with her four years old son, so that was quite entertaining.
Now, you may never believe this, but it seemed like time didn’t pass at all. We started talking as usual, no akward pauses, no need to check the phone or the time. Well,  I had to check the time, not to be late for my appointment. But our reunion was great, even if we drank only spring water. That shows how real friendships can  last, no matter the distance or time.
You may never believe this but one hour passed like 10 minutes. Since her younger daughter was left in her parents care, I wanted to see her as well. So we went up, even though I knew I’d be late for my  dentist. At that point I didn’t care anymore.  Saw her parents and Anastasia  (my friend’s one year old daughter) and was about to leave, when, while trying to open the door, still talking and laughing, I ended up with the front door knob in my hand. I broke their door. Couldn’t believe it! We started laughing even harder, even Alex (her son) was laughing at me. Couldn’t blame him. Her dad started fixing it, as we were locked in the house at that moment. Tried to pay for a new door knob, but they didn’t want to hear anything about it.
Even though you may never believe this, I was only 10 minutes late for dentist. Criss’ dad managed to fix the door in less than 2 minutes and was out the door before I could destroy something else in their flat.
Mr. Dentist was having a big dilemma yesterday.  To have or not to have a sleeve gastrectomy.  And then he wondered if they can redo it in a few years time ( put back the part of stomach they removed). Couldn’t help but laugh at that ridiculous idea.
You may never believe this, but when I chatted with my friend last night and apologised again for the distruction, she actually thanked me. She said that if it had happened to her mum, her dad would have been furious. This way he had to deal with it and buy a new one. All things for the best, I say.