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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you are celebrating with your dear ones and having a great time. Today’s writing assignment was about featuring a guest. I admit I wanted to do an interview. Even wrote down the question.  The most difficult part was to choose the fellow blogger for the interview. And making decisions is not my best trait, so couldn’t make up my mind. Therefore I decided to choose some of the posts I read in the last 2-3 days, that stayed with me.

For instance, some posts brought tears to my eyes. Like Hayley’s letter to her dad or Kathy ‘ s post about things we live behind. Others made me reflect on things and life as came with good advice about future and time. I love to think about time and its importance.
Something must be in the air around holidays as many of us (myself included) wrote about gratitude and things to be grateful for. Gifts of gratitude and Thank you are two posts I really enjoyed reading today. And keeping it on the positive side, I liked these anectdotes about friendship and positivity.
For beautiful photos, check PedroL’s blog and if you want to read nice poetry you can check the list of blogs I follow, as most of the people there write good poetry. I’ll post the last two poems I read today: The Secret of secrets and Get High on Real Music –  I told you these people know how to write poetry!
If you want to remember how it was when you were young, you can read some children books. We’re never too old for that! Plus, Jessica and AbbieLu have some suggestions.
To end this post with a smile on your face, I suggest you read two post about love or trying to find it. If you want to find a partner look for the perfect shoes or hat or go shopping or shoplifting. I know that the last one is not exactly about finding love but shopping and love go hand in hand. A supermarket is the best place to find a partner, as everyone goes there. Opportunities are almost unlimited:).
Hope you enjoyed all these posts as much as I did. All the best!


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