I wanted to start my post today with a big thank you to all of you who participated in Blogging University’s Writing101 Course. It’s been real fun to be around here and post everyday. Must admit I was looking forward to Cheri’s or Ben’s emails and was reading them first thing in the morning. Even though I was writing the post late at night, during the day, while doing other things, was gathering ideas for the assignment.

The one day that gave me a hard time, was the one when we had to write a letter. I knew who I needed to write the letter to, but it was a very difficult thing to do.  I did it while tears were running down my cheeks, but I managed. I’m proud of myself for having the courage to write The letter I never wrote, the words I never spoke.

I’ve read so many good posts this month, I followed so many wonderful writers and pushed myself to write better. Knowing I would be on holidays for half of the course, I thought I won’t keep it up and post everyday. But I’m a geek, always was, always would be. And this is my way of having fun :). So, see you all in December, for another round?