Today is a day that fills me with pride and gratitude. It’s a day that made history, it wrote history. And above all it’s a day we have to prove the true spirit and kindness aren’t lost. A day to show the traditions are still there and that we, as a nation are still going strong. Happy National Day, Romania! I hope you will shine every year brihhter and won’t lose your hope. I pray you’ll have reasons to smile and be happy, even in the hardest times. I am proud of you and no matter where I am in the world I will always be proud to be Romanian. Bought a scarf with Romanian flag colors and wore it the whole day. It’s my statement piece in the wardrobe.
Not many people know things about Romania,  that’s why I chose to promote this video

And if this didn’t convince you, here are some things people around the world say about my country.
Happy National Day, Romania! I love you!