The Apostates by Lars Teeney- Book Review

In a dark dystopian society, New Meggido, the remaining part of US is under lots of pressure. Pressure from church, from governments and the Apostates. Church is controlling everything as is getting ready for the Second Coming, but the Apostates don’t even want to hear about it. They want to destroy this society based on false believes, where people agree to have chips implanted in their heads. So Apostates, who are resurrected decide to fight for freedom. Since no one can see what the Apostates are thinking, they are a big threat to the regime. Are they going to win the war towards freedom or New Meggido is a doomed land?

After being contacted by the author and given the epub version for a honest review, I was quite eager to start it straight away as I really love dystopian societies. But this wasn’t what I expected. The Apostates is not an easy read, especially not one you can take on holidays with you. The war and atrocities are not easy to digest especially when one wants to relax. However I finished the book and I am glad I did. I really enjoyed the last part as was really curious how the Second Coming will occur. It’s been a heavy read for me, especially the first part as I had to stay focused to not lose any details. There were so many characters to follow and so many events (present or past) I had problem focusing at times. I really loved the idea of the book, but it would have been better to write it in two parts.

As for the characters I also had my favorite and not so favorite. I really liked Graham Wynham, who even though came from a wealthy family and was part of the government, knew the right from wrong and helped the Apostates. I really think he was a key character and was sad for his faith. On the other hand a character I couldn’t stand was Inquisitor Rodrigo and if you read the book, you’ll realize why.

If you are into dark dystopian genre and think religion plays an important role in society, I recommend you this book. It’s a bit of A Brave New World seen from another angle, seen from John the Savage’s point of view.

I would give it a 3.5/ 4 stars as it took a lot of work, documentation and ideas.


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