Everyone has things they really hate, up to a point that makes them really angry. I didn’t know this can be translated as “pet hate” but life is young and there are still plenty of things to learn.

Recently, I’ve discovered my biggest “pet hate” ever(or one of the biggest): univited and unannounced guests, especially if that is their first time to visit. I mean, who does that anyway? I can tell you who, but don’t like to use names. So this person who happens to be a soon to be relative, just showed up at my house the other day. And the reason he came over is even more annoying: to see my place and where I am living. Who in the world still does this. I can feel the anger now, running through my veins as I am writing this.

I can’t stand these nosey people as I am a very private individual who likes her own sanctuary. Plus, there aren’t many people I invite inside my crib. But if you don’t know me, as few really do, you don’t know this and can’t expect me to overreact. But hey, my house, my rules. If you come univited, expect the worse. Should have not open the door, but curious neighbours were looking over and knew I was home. Of course the guest didn’t stay longer than 5 minutes as I told him, you don’t do these things, EVER. Not to me, anyway.  Of course he didn’t take it well and am curious what he’s gonna say tomorrow. I promised U.B. I’ll go with him for a short visit (might turn extra short in a blink of an eye), as that might be the last time I do it. When someone does to me something I really hate, there are few chances this person is going to stay in my life for long.

I know I’m mean and not very diplomatic, but at times, with certain people I just lose it. It’s bad, but burning bridges is a necessary thing if you want to have a happy life. So if I’m about to do this tomorrow,  might take some matches with me.