Everyday magic

The smiles and tears of happiness
Are always magical and the key to mindfulness .
Magic is the hug you give to the loved ones
When you see them again after a long while.
Magical is the kiss you receive
First thing when the morning begins.
The first raindrops that touch your face
Make you feel special in a sweet embrace.
The snowflakes you see after a long time
Are magic and pure and divine.
Sunshine brings magic back to surface
Whenever you feel like you’re lost in this race.
This happens everyday
The moment you open your eyes
Up to the time the night gives its way.
So enjoy the magic, as much as you can
Because life is  fascinating and glamorous,
Again and again.


Published by Mesca

There are more than enough things you can find about me if you read my blog :)...

5 thoughts on “Everyday magic

    1. Hi Michelle! Glad to see you again and thanks for stopping by! All the simple things we sometimes take for granted are magical. We have to appreciate them more. Thank you for your lovely comment😊

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