Pure nonsense

There was this object I once owned,
It used to have a personality of its own;
Was doing things it’s own way
Never asking for opinions in any way.

This silly thing got me into trouble
So many times didn’t even bother,
Counting or remembering them,
As there was always a next time to fail.

So I had it, I needed a change
I had a break up to arrange.
I thank the thing  for its help,
Said our goodbyes, shacked our hands.
That was it, my time for freedom!
But it felt lonely, had no rhythm.

I wanted my brain back, I needed it
But you know what it did?
Ran off with another gal
More fun, more courageous as well,
She gave it hope and wings to fly
But soon she turned out to be a spy
For Secret Brain Services of Fallacy
So brain, came running back to me.
Now shall I accept it back into my life
Or live a brainless existence and thrive?

I guess it deserves a second chance
As who else can be my private audience
Of the crazy illogical thoughts that run wild
And only brain can bring them to life.


Published by Mesca

There are more than enough things you can find about me if you read my blog :)...

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