Willakaville, the peculiar town

Who says we are ever too old for story books? I think we are getting old because we stop reading them. So grab the first story book you find, a cup of hot tea and let yourself be carried away in the magical world of young minds. If you haven’t got a storybook nearby, Willakaville: Amazing Adventures and Astronomical Awesomeness (A) and Willakaville: Baffling Ballads of Boisterous Braveness (B)  by Mathew F Heinecke aka Bald Guy are just great for adults and children alike.

I am used to read story books, but the ones I read are for 4 and 5 years old. This, on the other hand, are for older children so I was curious. The result: I really enjoyed reading this combination of educational, sci-fi, mystical, hilarious stories and poems. Each story brings something new, a new idea, a new lesson to learn and children will be for sure captivated in the world of Willakaville.

So what is Willakaville? You might have guessed it is a town, but is not an ordinary town at all. Here many strange things happen. There are wars between garbage and plants, mushroom invasions, robot insects, toilet paper thieves and mayonnaise addicts. The people who inhabit Willakaville are out of ordinary as well. Children with super powers that can save the town, so brave and intelligent they can become superheroes in a blink of an eye.

willakaville aAll stories carry with them important messages and lessons. In Willakaville A Richard learns not to judge a book by its cover and that friends can come from the most interesting and surprising situations. Marty finds out what a premonitory dream is and Jelly learns that laziness will bring you troubles, always. Children can learn what censorship is and how unbearable is living in a place where law forbids you saying certain things. That’s why we plead for freedom of speech. Digital Dilemma shows how bad can computer games be for one’s sanity. I also loved the ode to cats.

willakaville bWillakaville B comes with another set of stories. Here mystical creatures come to life, children travel to magical lands or they have super powers. There are also many lessons to be learned. Eric learns that junk food is really bad for your mental and physical health, Bell learns to always follow her dreams and Bobby to tell others how difficult it is to live with disabilities. Shadows, Bumps and Stares is a poem you shouldn’t read in the dark and The Best Sandwich Ever is one I really want to have a bite from.

So if you have children or know any children that are over 6 years old, you can guide them to read these stories. They get 4 out of 5 stars from me and don’t forget that:

“When your dreams die, they come back to haunt you.”


“Beauty comes from believing in you”.

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