Hey, you! Yes, you,
Who’s typing while holding a pen,
You know what, my friend?
You’re full of bunkum!
Uff,  I said it now
Took me a while but managed
To take it off my chest somehow.

Why? Dare ask me WHY?
Because you cheat and lie.
Because while you encourage something
You manage to do the opposite thing.
Look at you, graduating from Environmental Engineering
But the waste you produce is tearing.
You want to help the poor and plead for it,
But when you have to do it, you retreat.
You blame people for being blind,
But do nothing to open their mind.
You are a complice to this destruction
Even if you are against corruption.
I despise you for all the contradictions,
For the mask you’re wearing even when you’re sleeping
For your unconscious fakeness,
Which will take you closer to madness.
So stop it now!
Start to retreat,
Don’t plead for things
You’ll never going to complete.