Thank you! It’s been a pleasure to meet and learn from you. Even though you don’t realize, you taught me lots of things about myself. First, you brought a breeze of fresh air into my existence. Of course, you came during 1st of January, when it’s pretty cold even here; but you helped me rediscover myself.

I was bold enough to start writing again, with my new WordPress blog. And it has been a thrilling journey so far. I started writing poetry, in English (not my mother tongue) so that was a pleasant surprise. Even now, have no idea how I do it, the words simply come to me. Then I “met” so many wonderful bloggers, people who I enjoy reading every day. My biggest surprise was that people started liking my writing and even identify with it. I guess I’m not that bad after all.

I’m proud I read more in 2015 than I did in the previous year, and discovered new and talented authors. I also discovered a new hobby: photography, and I am in the process of learning more about it. Am also planning to start a new blog on photography in 2016.

Dear 2015, you changed me. You made me stronger and bolder. I learned how important is to show the people in my life I love and support them. I don’t think I’ve become a better person, but I’ve become a better version of myself and that is a great improvement. I’ve learned to listen more. Your events taught me to observe and be quiet in a world that never stops talking. I’ve learned what empathy is and how important is to have it in our lives.

You have also been tough to me, but it was for my best interests. I’ve learned my limits and to say stop when I had enough. So, thanks for that!

2015, you made a difference! You might wonder if I’m ready to meet 2016. Well, ready or not, here it comes. Hope is going to be a good one!

Happy New Year everyone and all my best wishes!