A view on Room

Sometimes (quite rare in my case) you see a movie that changes you, that makes you question things, that gives you mixed feelings and take you on a journey where you end up questioning your own judgment. Well this for me was Room (2015).

Have to be honest here and admit I didn’t give this movie too much credit and didn’t bothered to read the book even though I have it on my epub reader. Shame on me for that but I saw the reviews on Goodreads and wasn’t so impressed.  However, the difference between movies and books lies in the images that sometimes are worth a thousand words. I always say that books are better than movies, but the impact they both have on us is totally different. In the book, you get to know the character, to love or despise them. In the movie, you see the whole picture, you can detach and attach as many times you wish. The spell is gone and you can become more objective. And in this case, the broken spell does miracles.

The following paragraph contains spoilers!

Room is the only place Jack knows, is his world and home. Room is the place Joy (Ma’) despise and wants to get out of every second of her life. Room is giving us, as viewers, mixed feelings. First quarter into the movie and I was outraged. Why would Joy accept it? Why didn’t she tried more? Why didn’t she try to break the code by listening to the sounds every key makes? She had a knife, why didn’t she used it? Why, why, why? I blamed her for not planning to injure her captor and even for bringing Jack to life. I had to put myself into her shoes and watch more scenes, to finally sympathize with her. I even got to understand her. I mean, she was planning everything but she needed time and opportunities. Plus, she needed to protect her son, who became, from the moment he was born, her world. He gave her reasons to live, hope and fight. Then, after her interview I doubted her for two seconds, being fooled by a well composed question. Luckily I could look deeper into things. I could understand that a mother would never give away her children, especially to abusers.  One thing I do not understand is the breast feeding thing. I mean to a 5 y.o.? That was a bit strange, even though I might get criticized for it.

Overall I loved the story and the way it can take you at opposite poles in just few seconds. It’s a love/hate relationship you have with the story and the characters. But there’s no place to judge because in captivity people can do strange things, their perception can alter and they can even develop Stockholm syndrome. Plus the whole thing is seen through a five years old boy’s eyes. And as I saw the movie got more ratings than the book did. Guess the cast was brilliant chosen and the screenplay was more appealing than the novel :).


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