3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)

Today being the last day of this challenge, I decided to choose some quotes that will put a smile on your face. Am guilty of enjoying – from time to time – an easy read, a chick lit novel that will make me laugh out loud. My three picks for the day, are from three books I enjoyed as much as I enjoy eating a cheesecake (a lot!).

“Je t’aime, Lottie. Plus qu’un zloty.” I hesitate, not sure what to say. “Well, it’s a start….”
“‘I love you, Lottie, More that a zloty’?” Lorcan translates incredulously. “Seriously?”
“Lottie’s a difficult rhyme!” Richard says defensively. “You try!”
“You could have used ‘potty,'” suggests Noah. “‘I love you, Lottie, Sitting on the potty.'”
“Thanks, Noah,” says Richard grouchily. “Appreciate it.” – Sophie Kinsella, Wedding Night

Even though the fellow reviewers on Goodreads weren’t impressed with this book, I still had a great laugh. I admit it wasn’t as good as The Undomestic Goddess or Shopaholic Series, but was funny in it’s own way.

“P.P.P.P.S. Also, if you try to make a shrimp boil, but the bag of spices bursts, and so you just toss it in along with whatever spices you can find in the pantry–you can make homemade pepper spray. Unintentionally.
And everyone at your dinner party will run outside for the next hour, coughing and tearing up as if they’ve been maced, because technically they kind of have been, because mace was one of the spices I found in the pantry. I blame whoever makes spice out of mace, and I remind my gasping dinner guests that even if I did mace them, I did it in an old fashioned, homemade, Martha Stewart sort of way. With love.” – Jenny Lawson, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir

Have to admit  I haven’t laughed so hard while reading a book in my entire life. Funniest and craziest memoir, so far :).

And the last quote, belongs to the lovely Bridget Jones, who’s quite a character nonetheless:

“6 p.m. Completely exhausted by entire day of date-preparation. Being a woman is worse than being a farmer—there is so much harvesting and crop spraying to be done: legs to be waxed, underarms shaved, eyebrows plucked, feet pumiced, skin exfoliated and moisturized, spots cleansed, roots dyed, eyelashes tinted, nails filed, cellulite massaged, stomach muscles exercised. The whole performance is so highly tuned you only need to neglect it for a few days for the whole thing to go to seed. Sometimes I wonder what I would be like if left to revert to nature—with a full beard and handlebar moustache on each shin, Dennis Healey eyebrows, face a graveyard of dead skin cells, spots erupting, long curly fingernails like Struwwelpeter, blind as bat and stupid runt of species as no contact lenses, flabby body flobbering around. Ugh, ugh. Is it any wonder girls have no confidence?”- Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones’s Diary

Being the last day of the challenge, I won’t nominate anyone, but invite you all, fellow bloggers, to participate. It’s quite fun!


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