It’s been a couple of months now that Social Media has been struck by a very dangerous, mind threatening virus. This virus is known by many names, but most commonly by “Change”, “Awakening” and “Growth”. It can affect everyone, since doesn’t follow a define pattern. Its powers are frightening. There were a couple of remote cases where it transformed individuals and changed their lives in a short period of time. It is said that these individuals were quite dangerous after infected. They started infecting others with their new ideas and information. Once contaminated there’s no turning back. You have to stay with it forever. Plus you are able to spread it around with the speed of new ideas and information.

After intense research scientists of the world have come to the conclusion that the cause of this virus is rooted deep down in our DNA. It can be spread around by new and revolting ideas, ideas that challenge our traditional thinking, raising lots of question. It is contained in any information that pulls a trigger deep down in your brain, in all the things that make you question everything around and opens new unexplored horizons.

So far, scientist discovered an antidote called “Ignorance” but since the virus evolved in the last couple of weeks, the antidote is quite useless. Last time they were contacted, they sounded quite hopeless, seriously thinking to drop the research. They arrived to a dead end. It seems like this virus defeated them.

Please spread the word around and be aware. You might be the next victim!

Was inspired to write this post by today’s Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headline.