In my reading list for 2016 I’ve included the most random choices, knowing that I have to raise the bar a bit and try new and unknown book genres. Since I haven’t read a memoir yet, was looking for one on Goodreads. Luckily, I received an email from Blaire Sharpe who was offering her memoir in exchange for an honest review. This was brilliant and accepted it straight away. For a short synopsis of Not Really Gone by Blaire Sharpe you can visit her website and even order her book.

not really gone
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Those being said, I am going to tell you about the book and the journey it got me into. Once I started reading Not Really Gone, I realized this was more than a memoir. It is a commitment to a relationship and love that is greater than time. Like any memoir this one presents episodes from Blaire’s life, from her not so happy childhood, from her struggles and joy. We meet her family that is not as present as it should and her grandparents who, after her parents’ divorce, took the role of mother and father. We learn how Blaire’s life was affected by her troubled parents and how she coped with every event that was occurring. But above all, we can see her grandmother’s lovely figure who was always there, trying to help and give strength to the ones around her. Eleanor Lavinia Phillips was her mother, father, confident and best friend.

It takes a great deal to open up and write a memoir and for that I really admire Blaire’s courage. But, leaving the parts of Blaire’s life behind, I think this book is more about a great love. The love that has no boundaries and on/off button. A love that takes a lot of devotion and can go beyond everything. And that makes this memoir impressive.

I haven’t read a book so overwhelming in a long time. Not few were the moments I had tears in my eyes. It was quite a heavy read in terms of feelings. It’s not easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and reason with them, but the moment you do it, it gets even harder. You are there, you go through everything and get ready for your heart to be torn. That is exactly how I felt, but I also learned some things about acceptance and strength. So thank you Blaire for that.

All the beautiful quotes, at the beginning of each chapter were not a random pick. I really liked the idea. Another thing I liked was the flow of events, that didn’t make this book heavy or boring, not even once. I definitely will give Not Really Gone  5 out of 5 stars for this journey that broke my heart in order to fix it again.