Mid-week Music & Musings

I used to dislike Wednesdays.

When working in school, mid-weeks were the worst. My energy level was dropping rapidly and kids seemed to be out of control. Every Wednesday morning, a colleague and I were debating on it. We were thinking to send a letter to the Ministry of Education asking for a day off on this day. It was totally making sense, the way we put it, but we never got the courage to fulfill our plan.

And then I moved, got another job with a different routine. And guess what? My only day off is on Wednesday. After all, a part of my plan came true. Now Weds are the best days ever, they are the new Saturdays. These are the days I contemplate, relax, write and enjoy the silence or music (depending on my mood).

And since mid-weeks are so great for me, why not share it with all of you. Here is the place I am going to write about some posts I read during the week, words that stayed with me and changed my perception in a small or big way. I’ll share with you some lessons  I’ve learned along the way and some music that brings back nice memories. This will be the place where my thoughts come to life through written words.

Five posts I enjoyed this week are:

And the song I discovered last week is:

Happy Wednesdays everyone!




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8 thoughts on “Mid-week Music & Musings

    1. thanks for sharing with us the books you will probably never read even though they are on TBR list. Sounded quite familiar :).
      The song is great indeed. Thanks for commenting!


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