Where They Found Her was just the begining

I’ve already told you I have a reading list to complete by the end of this year. However, there’s always a book that comes to me unexpected, so I just can’t turn my back on it. And once I start reading I dive into a new world, ready for a thrilling adventure. And who can refuse that?

After finishing Reconstructing Amelia, I couldn’t settle. I had to find the second book Kimberly McCreight wrote. And I did. As they say, when something is meant for you, it will come to you.

Must admit that whenever I read books from same author, I can see familiar patterns and a similar style, to a point I can guess where everything is going. This wasn’t an exception, but even though I guessed some of the things, the plot developed in more than one direction so I was constantly alert. Figuring out who is who and what secrets are they hiding was like following a criminal who knows exactly what is your next step or thought. Makes it really hard to keep up.

Where They Found Her tells the story that revolves around an unidentified baby’s dead body, found in Ridgedale’s woods. The story is quite disturbing for a town as quiet as this one and Officer Steve Carlson and journalist Molly Sanderson are willing to pay higher prices to find out the culprit. On the general view this book takes us in a women’s world, where men are present just to produce “collateral” damages.  Molly, Sandy, Barbara, Hannah, Nancy, Rose, Jenna and Stella are the women that rule this world. They are the center of the plot and they are connected by blood, past, present or circumstances.

Kimberly McCreight takes us back in the academic world, where trauma is about to happen. I see what she tried to do here. Combining multiple stories from past and present will make this book appealing to a large audience. Teenagers and adults alike will find this book compelling. It’s for all the mothers and daughters out there, for everyone who is ready to read something quite disturbing at deeper analysis.

Secrets and stories will keep on shocking you till the end. Nothing is what it seems and if you read Reconstructing Amelia, you’ll expect that by now. Even though I quite guessed some things, I couldn’t stop reading. It also proved to me that ignorance is bliss only for the ones who want to be stuck in their shell. Molly Sanderson is not the ignorant type and she’ll do anything to discover what happened to that baby. She does in the end, but the costs are huge. After all, knowledge comes with a price you are willing to pay the moment you engage in this journey.

I can’t give less than 5 stars to Where They Found Her. Such a complex plot you need to read to complete the puzzle. And the final sentence will be the last piece.


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