Inspiration doesn’t come easy

It takes time, energy, feelings and reasoning

It takes you on journeys of your own,

But spelled by others, on a different tone.


Destination is nothing like you were ever told.


Monsters are awake, dreams turn to reality,

You instantly become aware of your fragility.

It’s painful, it’s tearing you up

But there’s nothing to do, no strength to stop.

And all of a sudden you are drained…

Of life and hope, of things to blame,

So you turn to yourself and stare

In the broken mirror, smiling to your own glare.

But it’s not you who’s starring back

It’s the stories you’ve been told,

Dreams you’ve never had…

An image that doesn’t belong

To you or the others;

It’s just a perception of a  heartbreaking song.


Published by Mesca

There are more than enough things you can find about me if you read my blog :)...

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