MWM&M: On beliefs

I come from a land where religion and magic combine creating a surreal picture, not easy to understand.

 I’ve never thought about the statement above until I’ve read Michelle’s latest posts on Two Are Better Than One. I admire her devotion and faith, and believe we can all learn from it, even if our beliefs are different. I’ve always liked the positive messages she sends through her writing, but after I’ve read That’s Foreign and What’s Next?, it got me thinking.

I am a Christian, born and raised, but my ideas on religion and beliefs changed through time. As a child I’ve read lots of versions of the Bible for children and was mesmerised by the stories. Later in life I wanted answers so I started reading more, looking for the hidden stories, the untold. And was astonished by my findings. Today I accept everything. I accept people with strong beliefs in God, I accept atheists, scientists, ufologists and all the other religions, beliefs or theories out there. I’ve learned to understand that we all live in our own, unique universe, where we make and follow our own rules. There is no right or wrong in beliefs, as long as you don’t hurt the others or come into conflict with their universe.

As long as I can remember, I was aware about the duality of things, good vs. evil, dark vs light. I accepted it later on, because it can’t be one without the other. I know they are both powerful forces, but you choose which one to follow. Or sometimes it chooses you.

I come from an orthodox country, where religion is a strict thing. But when the church becomes the second power in the state, creating rules that become rooted into the mentality of people, things change. Fear is taking over and rationality is lost. And sometimes this fear can take you to the dark side. That’s how I can explain the fact that the government set a tax for black magic. So people here believe in both, Good and Evil. They search for answers where they can find them, but sometimes these answers are to be found in odd places. I personally do not believe in the power of black magic, fortune tellers or psychics, but there are plenty who do. Sometimes people go to psychics to learn about their future, not understanding that by being told something, they are unconsciously guided to pursue it. It’s basic human psychology. But I try to understand these people and their reasoning, even though I don’t agree with it. The same way I don’t agree with excessive religious indoctrination which makes people behave like robots, without accepting anything beyond their beliefs. But I try to understand their reasoning as well.

Good and evil are two notions very difficult to define, because they change according to our morals, to our beliefs, to our culture. But kindness and love are universally accepted by everyone, no matter their background. This is the truth that we all share, the things we all have in common, the things that makes us better human beings.


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6 thoughts on “MWM&M: On beliefs

    1. Thanks a lot! It’s been a long road to get here and I’m still learning acceptance, but I think am on the right track.
      Thank you for your nice words!


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