It’s Wednesday everyone! Not a big deal for many, but for me is my last day of holidays. Am going back to work tomorrow  and can’t say I’m very excited about it. Never mind, let’s not spoil the mood.

Have been quite busy this week. I enrolled my other blog in Blogging University #Photo101 course and since Monday am taking pictures like crazy :). Just got  home after a day “into the wild” :).

Hope the week is going well for all of you. If not, don’t worry, two more days and it’s the week-end. Can’t write a long post as we’re famished  and have to help U.B. in the kitchen (he’s cooking dinner). Plus have to do my assignment for today’s Photo101 prompt (the nerd in me can’t get a grip)

Oh, a funny thing happened to me today in the supermarket. I was approached by a 6 years old who told me he has the same bag as I do, for school. Classy me! LOL

The song I chose for today inspired this post’s title 🙂